February 28, 2012

Event Management

Core Planning

  • Assist committees in coordination of all event elements, prior and on-site to ensure event cohesion.
  • Attend all committee meetings and conference calls of the local organizing committee.
  • Attend additional meetings as requested.
  • Make recommendations to committees in the development and completion of their respective functions.
  • Management of onsite office needs including equipment provision.
  • Oversee event volunteers as required.
  • Registration:
    • Website registration form,
    • information collection,
    • payment receipt (does not include credit processing fees),
    • send out of registration confirmations.
    • Development of delegate registration kits.



  • Registration website development, management and tracking.
  • On-site guide brochure and book graphic design and development (does not include cost of printing).
  • Nametags development & production.
  • On-site signage development (does not include production costs).


Facilities & On-site Management

  • Liaison with facility staff throughout the event
  • Meals & Catering Coordination with committee and venue.
  • Collection and Management of Special Dietary and Special Needs Assistance.
  • Arrangement of Hospitality Room and Side Meetings.
  • Includes rental of 4 LCD Projectors and 4Laptops for the duration of the event.
  • Includes onsite management of AV issues during sessions.


Additional charges:

  • credit-card processing and e-fund transfer fees
  • all document printing and signage production
  • mileage, meal and hotel costs for any meetings outside of the capital region of Alberta (including onsite at event)
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