First Aid Instructor, Swim and Lifesaving Instructor

Lifesaving First Aid Instructor, Swim and Lifesaving Instructor and (optional) Lifesaving Standard First Aid Recertification can include re-certification in Lifesaving Standard First Aid, CPR-C and AED NOTE: This course will also Recertify you AEC Instructor, CPR-HCP Instructor and Education and Proficiency Instructor - provided your pre-requisites remain current. Time: 8:30am to 6:00pm 8:30am to 1:30pm[...]

Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Course

The Lifesaving First Aid Instructor/ Examiner clinic prepares instructors to teach and evaluate first aid skills. Lifesaving First Aid Instructors/ Examiners deliver the Society's Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, CPR, and Oxygen Administration courses. Candidates are required to complete an apprenticeship after the clinic. Includes Lifesaving CPR Instructor/ Examiner certification. Course Details March 12[...]
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