November 29, 1999

About Todd

Todd has been leading and teaching children, youth and adults for over 17 years, including over 13 years in the Aquatic industry. He currently holds Branch Trainer Status and a Commonwealth Service Cross for the Lifesaving Society in Alberta, Canada.

After graduation, Todd spent seven years working as Special Projects Manager with the Alberta Recreation & Parks Association working on a variety of recreation and parks related projects while also working with over 30 recreation and parks non-profit agencies and for-profit businesses as owner of Todd Reade Projects Inc.

He then spent a year living in South Florida working as a Management Consultant with a J-1 Visa Program and with a Residential Camp based in West Virginia. Todd returned to Edmonton in 2009 to become Manger of West Edmonton Mall’s World Waterpark, where he worked for two years until he took over as Education Director for the Lifesaving Society - Alberta and Northwest Territories. Todd now serves as Director of Interpreting Services for Deaf & Hear Alberta.

Among other projects, Todd currently serves as chair of the Membership Services Committee of the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association and Chairman of the Board for KidSport Edmonton.

Todd is a member of KidSport Alberta, KidSport Edmonton, Alberta Recreation & Parks Association.

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