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Emerging Leaders

WHAT IS AN EMERGING LEADER? An emerging leader is a student, recent graduate, or professional entering the Quality of Life Sector. This individual is perceived by his employer (paid or volunteer) or peers to have strong core competencies that, with support over time, will lead them to become a dynamic leader within the Sector. Due to the general scarcity of support, funding and direct mentorship, these leaders may feel that they are stifled, overwhelmed, or generally not supported within the Sector, and take their talents and abilities to other sectors where they anticipate that they will receive greater recognition or support.

EMERGING LEADERS SUPPORTS Fundamentally, Emerging Leaders need support. This may be formal or informal, structured or unstructured, periodic or ongoing, and will generally fall into four categories:

Recognition – Early and Ongoing An Emerging Leaders Task Group, under the guidance of the Education & Professional Development Committee, will work within core (ARPA members) and non-core (Communities in Bloom, AARFP, ATRA) networks to have employers (paid and volunteer) identify and put forward candidates for Emerging Leaders Programming. Formal Education Opportunities The Emerging Leaders Task Group will work with a variety of agencies to consider opportunities to meet the needs that are identified by the Emerging Leaders Programming, either by the candidates or through the networks. Networking and Interconnectedness The Emerging Leaders Task Group will work to create connections through a variety of means – regional face-to-face networking and educational opportunities, digital connection (website, facebook, twitter, etc.) Coaching The Emerging Leaders Task Group will work to identify and provide coaches for program participants. In addition, it will work to develop programming that enriches the capacity of the coaches to provide quality supports to the participants. To nominate someone

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